Train of Thought

A short film made entirely out of paper.
Inspired by early cinema, flipbooks and the power of imagination. This film follows a wistful and romantic daydreamer on a train journey.
Each character was cut out by hand, and photographed frame-by-frame inside miniature paper sets

The film was conceived as a love-letter to animation, cinema, and moving images. We wanted to synthesise everything we had learned as animation students into a poetic, open ended narrative that mixed several mediums.

The film took over 9 months to produce and was a huge collaboration with actors, model makers, animators and musicians. Everything you see on screen was made by hand, including scale models of the station, train and cars.

A highlight of the project was working with Jack Wyllie of Portico Quartet, who wrote and arranged a beautiful soundtrack especially for this film.

Train of Thought had an amazing festival run, playing at over 60 film and animation festivals around the world, and picking up several awards including a Vimeo Staff Pick and the BFI’s young film-maker award.


Directed by
Leo Bridle
Ben Thomas

Napoleon Ryan
Marie Thomas Galvin

Leo Bridle
Ben Thomas
Sara Riding
Tsu-Zin Kuo

Model Makers
Louise Morrison
Ryo Maruoka
Heather Bowley
Oliver Dawes

Edited By
Raquel O’ Couceiro
Florence Kennard

Portico Quartet
Arranged by Jack Wyllie

Sound Design
Andrew South

Kelvin Clayton

Emilie Spieler
Sara Riding

Leo Bridle