John Williams

A nostalgic 360º animation for Facebook inspired by John Williams’ movie scores. Look around a childhood bedroom to hear tracks from Star Wars, Jurassic Park and Harry Potter, while shadow puppets inspired by those movies dance across the walls.
This project was commissioned by Decca for the release of the album John Williams: A Life in Music.

Influenced by the John Williams movies of the 1980s, I designed a busy bedroom scene, full of everyday objects primed to come to life with animated shadows.

CGI Development

Creating fully isolated, interactive audio inside of Facebook was a huge technical breakthrough and a world first.
Inspired by noise cancelling headphones, I developed a way to invert the background audio waves for each wall of the room, meaning you only hear the soundtrack for the scene you are looking at.

I wrote an in-depth tutorial outlining this new technique here



Directed by:
Leo Bridle

2D Animation:
Studio Moshon

3D Animation:
Leo Bridle

Web Developer
Juan Daccarett

Executive Producer:
Ste Thompson

Production Company: