Doom Days is a 3D, narrative experience for the web. Scroll to explore the album and uncover hazy memories from a house party at the end of the world. Reconnect the fragments to piece together the story then bring it to life in augmented reality.

Each track on Bastille’s album tells part of the story of a night out - following three friends from initial drunken excitement to a crazy and disorienting party atmosphere. I designed a three dimensional narrative that takes you through different rooms of a house party whilst listening to the album via Spotify.

Actors and band members posed for each scene and were captured using 3D scanning.
Visitors were challenged to rotate each broken scene to align and piece together the fragments, unlocking the memory.

Scans and Planning

Once unlocked, every memory can be explored in AR using native iOS and Android capabilities - one tap takes the characters out of the site and into the world around you.

At the end of the project, we 3D captured Dan Smith from the band backstage at a show in LA. We hid him in the background of some scenes - see if you can spot him...

The experience received an amazing fan response, with over 140,000 likes and reactions as people posted screenshots of the AR experiences. The site also received an FWA award.


Creative Director:
Leo Bridle

Abi Smith

Lead Developer:
Jay Weeks

UI Designer:
Florian Pollet

3D modeller:
Callum King

Video Editor
Paddy Rule