First Man

Point your phone at the moon to reveal Apollo 11’s incredible journey. We used WebAR and Google image recognition to encourage people to go outside and stare at the sky. Recognising the moon unlocks clips from the movie, Mission Control, and a panorama of the lunar landing site.

Humans have observed the moon from the earth's surface since the dawn of time, but what would it take to actually travel there? I wanted people to look up at the night’s sky and visualise themselves following in Neil Armstrong’s footsteps from anywhere in the world.

We integrated Google’s Vision API along with our own algorithm to identify the moon. First identifying bright areas, then confirming against millions of moon references from Google images.

For people viewing the site in the daytime or when the moon is out of phase, we added a ‘virtual sky’ option that detects the moon inside a night-time panorama scene.

Winner: FWA Award


Creative Director
Leo Bridle

Elmar Van der Watt

Jay Weeks
Clay Haddock
Zach Baker